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Please provide your council name, the location (city, state) of the headquarters, and a description of the site and council. Suggestions: -What is the area served (communities, counties, regions of states)? -What is the most fascinating fact about your council? -Does your site have a calendar? training information? district information? message board? summer camp information?
The council is the subdivision of the Boy Scouts of America that administrates the program at the local level. Generally based on populations, density, and size; The area that a council office provides a program in ranges from one large city to multiple small states. Councils are further divided into districts in similar fashion.
BSA Cub Scout Packs. The Cubs are for boys in the age range 8 to 11 years. Baden-Powell began the cubs when he found that younger boys began tagging along with the Scouts. There is also a program for Cubs at the upper age of the program. The WEBELOS (We Be Loyal Scouts)is intended to give the older boys more responsibility and act as a transition to the Boy Scouts.
Please provide your district name and council name (and council number, if available) in the title. A description of the site and district should be included. Suggestions: -What is the area served (communities, counties, regions of states)? -How many units/youth are in your district? -Does your site have a calendar/event list? training information? committee information? message board? summer camp/camp-o-ree information? map?
Districts are the subdivisions of Councils in the BSA. Districts are not autonomous but are an organizational necessity of most Councils. Districts are generally based on regional statistics such as population, density, and square mileage. This category contains sites that are specifically for individual districts.
BSA Explores are the scouting section for older teens based on career or interest groups.
Scouting Honour society for special service.
BSA nautical interest scouting.
BSA Scout Troops
Programs for high school boys looking for high adventure or sporting activities.
BSA Senior self directed scout groups.
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