Having a disability means that you might not be able to do something just like everyone else your age. Living with that disability means enjoying your life and activities in your own way.

Someone with asthma might have breathing problems, but they still run races and win Olympic medals.

People with vision problems might not be able to read the same magazines that their friends read, but they write and publish their own articles and stories.

Disabilities present challenges and difficulties. Life is how we deal with them.

All sites submitted to this category must be designed for use by kids / teens and provide information on or about coping with disability in themselves and/or in friends/family.

Websites designed for parents or teachers, or to sell products or services, will not be accepted.

English-only sites. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate category in /International.

Sites with medical information for kids and teens about specific disabilities (learning disabilities, Down syndrome, etc.) should be submitted to the specific subcategory.