This category lists sites about comics, including comic books, comic strips, and web-comics. The sites should be appropriate and of interest to kids.
Websites in this category must be in English.

Other language sites should be submitted to the appropriate International subcategory.

Note that if your comics exist only (or primarily) on the Web (versus print media), you probably should submit to the Web subcategory.

Calvin (the young boy) and Hobbes (his tiger friend) are creations of Bill Watterson.
Garfield the Cat created by Jim Davis.
The Incredible Hulk is a Marvel Comics superhero who has incredible strength when he turns GREEN - you don't want to get Bruce Banner angry! ;-)
Peanuts, featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the crew. Created by Charles Schulz.
Spider Man is a Marvel Comics superhero with spider-like abilities.
Superman is a DC Comics superhero from the planet Krypton who has super powers on earth and a secret identity of Clark Kent.


This category lists sites about comics that only (or primarily) exist in cyberspace - i.e. "web" comics.
This is the appropriate place if your comic strip is something you have created and exists solely (or primarily) on a web site.
The X-Men are a group of Marvel comics super heros.