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Websites about the Pokémon games in general can be submitted to this category.

The content of any website submitted to Kids and Teens must be suitable and of interest to young people (under the age of 18).

We do not list the following types of websites in Kids and Teens:

  • Sites which provide adult oriented content.
  • Commercial websites (e.g. online stores).
  • Websites made up of affiliate links.
  • Websites aimed at adults about children.
  • Websites that are under construction, or that provide little content.

We are not a search engine and pride ourselves on being highly selective. We don''t accept all sites, so please don''t take it personally should your site not be accepted.

For more information, please look here.

The Pokémon games began on the Nintendo GameBoy. However, since then different types of games have become available, such as the Pokémon trading card games.
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