Music history is the study of how music has evolved over time. Sites in this category cover the roots and origins of music, for example music from prehistoric times, including early songs accented by hand-clapping, the evolution of rhythmic, percussive instruments from stones, and the finding of thirty-thousand-year-old bone flutes in archaeological sites. With the onset of the Renaissance in 1465, the rules of music changed significantly, and the history of music from this time onwards is traced in categories about styles, instruments and composers.

Sites are appropriate for, and of interest to, children under the age of 18. All sites are either educational, reference oriented, or informational in nature.

For your site to be listed in this category, it must contain historical information about how music has evolved over time from its roots in pre-historic forms and instruments up to c. 1465 and the emergence of distinct styles in the Renaissance.

Sites that divide music from the Renaissance onwards by genre in order to trace threads through music history should submit to Kids_and_Teens/Arts/Music/Styles

Sites that provide information about composers from the Renaissance onwards should submit to Kids_and_Teens/Arts/Music/Composers

Sites that provide historical information in order to trace the development of repertoire or playing techniques of an instrument or group of instruments from the Renaissance onwards should submit to Kids_and_Teens/Arts/Music/Instruments

Please only submit sites that are appropriate for, and of interest to, children under the age of 18. Sites that are primarily designed to sell products or services will not be listed in any branch of Kids and Teens.

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