This category concerns websites providing life insurance information for consumers. It is not for agents and marketers selling life insurance.
Please only submit sites that focus on consumer information regarding life insurance. We will review articles and websites which do not attempt to sell life insurance. If your site markets life insurance please submit it to Business/Financial_Services/Insurance/Agents_and_Marketers/Life or its appropriate sub-category.
This category is for life insurance quote sites which do not sell insurance (or act as affiliates for sites which do). Such sites are typically made available by insurance software companies which market life insurance policy comparison applications to agents and agencies.
Do not submit here if your site
  • offers to sell insurance
  • gathers identifying information from visitors (birthdate, sex, and state/province/nation are ok; name and address are not)

Such sites should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Business/Financial_Services/Insurance/Agents_and_Marketers/Life.

Informational sites about viatical and senior settlements are listed here. Both types of settlements allow a person to sell his life insurance policy. A viatical settlement allows a terminally ill person to sell his policy, whereas a senior settlement allows someone senior in age to sell her policy. In either case, the existing beneficiaries will be removed from the policy. Instead, the eventual death benefit will go to the company purchasing it. The term life settlement is often used, but it is not well defined. Some companies use it as a synonym for senior settlement; others use it to apply to any sale of a life insurance policy to a third party.
Please submit consumer-oriented sites dealing with viatical and/or senior settlements. Companies offering to purchase or broker life insurance policies should submit to Business/Financial_Services/Cash_Flow/Viatical_and_Senior_Settlements