Soil is a general term which refers to the earth that plants grow in. Sites which focus on issues and advice regarding soil and additives can be found here. Sites should give information and/or advice about the quality of soil, how to improve soil, the chemical components of soil, or how to measure the amount of soil one needs to fill a specified area. Additives includes a range of topics such as mulch, fertilizer, and compost. Sites that sell or showcase businesses will not be listed here.

Businesses are not listed here; this category is for websites that offer information only.

  • Sites selling products on-line should be submitted to: Shopping
  • If the site highlights a manufacturer or distributor of bio-fertilizers please submit to: Business/Agriculture_and_Forestry/Biologicals/
  • Companies selling or distributing products in their local region (country, state, locality) will be listed at the appropriate level of the Regional branch.