For sites devoted to conjoined twins, a phenomenon seen when identical twins split late after conception, resulting in the twins being attached to each other.
For pages and information on the Iranian twins who died during separation in 2003.
For email lists, message boards and discussion forums on conjoined twins.
For websites about the Thai twins adopted in the US and separated in 1993.
For websites about Abby and Britty Hensel, dicephalus conjoined twins from the USA.
For websites and information on the craniopagus Egyptian twins separated in Texas.
Conjoined girls born in Manchester, UK, on August 8th, 2000. Mary did not have a functioning heart or lungs, and doctors estimated that Jodie's heart would fail within a few months from the strain of supplying both bodies. After a great deal of discussion and debate the Court of Appeals ordered separation surgery that resulted in Mary's immediate death, over the objections of the babies' parents. While court documents used pseudonyms, the girls were later disclosed to be Gracie and Rosie Attard, from a small island near Malya.
Information on the Guatemalan twins separated at UCLA.
For websites and articles about craniopagus twins Lori and Reba Schappell of Pennsylvania.
Information on these twins, joined at the chest and sharing a heart, who died from complications in 2004.
Separated in 1992 in Texas, these girls were joined at the stomach. They have appeared on the Maury Povich show. Submit any websites or articles regarding the Turner twins here.