Multiples refers to multiple births, which include twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets and higher births.
If you are submitting to the main category of Family/Multiple_Births, your site should NOT be geared towards parenting. Those sites should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory. The main category will feature sites with broad information that does not have a focus on parenting, or an area covered by a subcategory.

If you are submitting a mother/parent of twins/multiples club, please do so in the Home/Family/Multiple_Births/Parenting/Clubs section in the following format:

State Designation - Title

ie - WA - Seattle Mothers of Multiples Club

Your entry will be listed faster if it is submitted in this format. Please submit your site to the appropriate sub category.

Celebrities that are twins, triplets.
Please submit all sites to Arts/Celebrities. When they are added there, an @ link will be added here.
For chat rooms and message boards about multiple births.
For sites devoted to conjoined twins, a phenomenon seen when identical twins split late after conception, resulting in the twins being attached to each other.
For sites about multiples conventions and events.
For any sites that contain twin stories, twin poetry or writing about twins, or writing by twins.
For pages devoted to the parenting and raising of multiple birth children. If your site has general info on twins that is of use to people who are NOT parents of twins, please submit to the Home/Family/Multiples category.
For sites that are personal homepages of multiples and their families.
Please submit your site to the appropriate subcategory unless there is not one listed (ie, sextuplets, septuplets etc).
This category houses a collection of twin studies, from those seeking twins for study, to the results of some twin studies that have already been done. If you need twins for a study, or have done a twin study and published the results on the net, submit your page here.
For websites focusing on the loss of multiples, whether it be by stillbirth, SIDS, accident. Sites must be specific to losing a twin or other multiple.