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Please submit only non-commercial English-language sites for babies from the time of conception up to the age of four. Submit to a letter category based on your child''s first name.
This category is for individual baby homepages.
Accepted sites will contain information regarding breastfeeding. Related shopping items should be submitted to the appropriate shopping category, for assistance please refer to the related links section listed in this category.
Informative sites and articles relating to the topic of breastfeeding.
Sites submitted to this category should be primarily informational in nature. Sites that are primarily commercial should be submitted to the category Shopping: Children: Baby: Diapering.
A wealth of information on cloth diapering. What to use, how to use it and where to buy it.
A photo contest has to be judged by "independent" judges who are presumably guided by a set of rules in order to be listed in this category.

Sites which want to take money but do not wish to be "accountable" by way of providing lists of winners and/or contact information beyond some anonymous form or email address would appear to be LEAD-GENERATING SITES (or worse) and will NOT be listed. Think: is the end user served by sending money and pictures of minors to unaccountable "contests"?

"Contests" which are just "vote for your favorite picture" do not belong here, but rather in Recreation/Picture_Ratings.

Sites which take "entry fee" money but, based on information found on the site, seem to randomly choose winners for cash or other valuable prizes are gambling sites - lotteries! Such sites should go to Games/Gambling/Lotteries/Online.

Site descriptions should have a consistent format of:

Title (whenever possible): or, when that''s not possible, a reasonable title gathered from self-references on the site.

Description MUST include: Free or not free (or both), the ages covered in the format of Numeral - Numeral (like 0 - 5 or 3 - 12) and frequency of contests (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Do NOT describe prizes given since this can change at any time. See ODP guidelines for more details about proper descriptions and titles.


Finally, the intent of the site should be clearly about a PHOTO CONTEST and not about selling products or providing "useful links" to other sites (whether affiliate links or not). Too much off-topic content may cause a site to either not be listed or else delisted at a later date.

A photo contest has to be judged by "independent" judges who are presumably guided by a set of rules in order to be listed in this category.
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