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Do not submit merchant sales sites to this category.

Please submit your product or service sales site to the appropriate category in Shopping or Regional.

Other categories to consider are: Shopping/Children/Baby/Shower_Supplies
and Shopping: Children: Baby.

Sites about how to plan a baby shower. Sites for shopping for baby showers can be found in Shopping.
Sites that offer to sell this service, to cater food, provide entertainment, or to sell supplies and equipment should be submitted to the appropriate category in Regional, Arts/Performing_Arts, or Shopping/Children/Parties.
This category is for sites that focus on giving guidance on planning a party or entertaining children in the home.
This category is for sites about table setting, dining etiquette, and other aspects of fine dining in the home.
Holiday vacation packages should be submitted to the proper location in Regional.

Online sales of most special holiday items should be submitted to the proper subcategory in Shopping: Holidays.

Product and service sales sites should be submitted to the appropriate category in Shopping, Regional, or Business. They will not be listed in this category.

This category is a guide to resources for home entertaining and party planning for holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.
Please submit only sites about planning parties in a home setting here. Office parties, school parties, and other types of parties are in other locations. Take a look at the many links in this category and choose the one that fits your site best.

Thank you.

This category is for planning parties to take place in a home.
This category is for sites offering advice, information, or tips on planning and hosting a wine tasting party in the home.
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