Endometriosis is a condition in which tissues like those which line the uterus are found outside the uterus.These misplaced tissues develop into growths or lesions which respond to the menstrual cycle: each month the tissues build up, break down, and shed. Menstrual blood flows from the uterus and out of the body through the vagina, but the blood and tissue shed from endometrial growths have no way of leaving the body. This results in internal bleeding which can cause pain, infertility, scar tissue formation, adhesions, and bowel problems.
Sites listed here will reflect personal experiences with endometriosis and/or its management.
Sites which provide significant original information on the disease are better placed in the main category.
These groups, communities, or meeting places provide an opportunity for people with a common experience with endometriosis to share their concerns, and to seek and offer information and advice.
Sites listed here will represent support networks with a physical address and/or a web presence. Those with a physical address may also be submitted to the relevant Regional subcategory.