This category is for Weight Loss Websites that focus on helping people lose weight. Informational sites can be found and suggested to Health/Weight_Loss/Resources Sites that focus on selling a product are listed under Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Weight_Loss. MLM Independent Representative sites are no longer listed in the Open Directory Project.
Sites for sales of products are not accepted here. Weight loss products for sale must be submitted to Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Weight_Loss .

Multi-level Marketing Independent Representative sites are no longer listed in the Open Directory Project.

Centers with a physical location offering weight loss services. "Virtual" centers and sites selling products are listed under Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Weight_Loss. Obesity surgeons are listed under Health/Medicine/Surgery/General/Obesity_Surgery/Surgeons_and_Clinics .
Dieting is a popular topic in magazines, and is often the subject of research, with results published in professional journals.
STOP! Before suggesting a site here, please read the following requirements carefully. If your site does not meet these criteria, then suggesting it here will do nothing except significantly delay review by an editor.
Sites listed here will be for original, published articles concerning weight loss. The content must be original, and the author''s name and the date of publication should be obvious to the reader.

The following will NOT be listed here: pages from online encyclopedias, personal sites and blogs, deeplinks of commercial sites, and any sites which have copied content from other sources.

Examples of suitable sites are: research articles from professional journals, articles from consumer magazines, peer-reviewed articles from non-commercial information sites, and online versions of original brochures or fact sheets.

Sites in this category serve the support needs of people trying to lose weight. Many sites listed are interactive - you will find message boards and chat areas for people with questions or concerns that affect their health or the health of a family member or friend. You are encouraged to read the PRIVACY POLICY of each site. Use these sites for educational and support purposes only. They should not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with your family physician or other health care provider.
This category is mainly for self-help groups. If you are promoting a commercial weight loss program please submit your site here:

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Title: Name of Site or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.