This category is for sites specifically about the sense of vision, and information about the eye care medical treatment and corrective lenses. Before submitting to this category, check first all the subcategories to see if your site would be better in those categories. For example, there is a subcategory where optometrists are listed, and another subcategory for opthamologists.
This category is for sites that about optometry that don't fit into any of the listed subcategories. Thus, first check to see if your site is would fit one of the subcategories first before submitting it here.
Use this category to list professional associations and bodies which represent optometrists in different countries. For example: American Academy of Optometry; Optometrists Association of Australia.

Please do not confuse optometry and ophthalmology!

This category is for associations and organizations that represent vision care professionals, makers of corrective lenses, or people who are visually impaired. If this does not describe your site, please submit it to the appropriate category.
Sites listed here will be concerned with past and present research into visual problems. Note that sites specifically about research into one disease belong in the appropriate subcategory of Health/Conditions_and_Diseases/Eye_Disorders. Sites about ophthalmological research (ie concerned with that medical specialty in particular) belong in Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties/Ophthalmology/Research.