Elder care and geriatric information. Sites related to aging and the elderly. Health issues in the natural process of aging, care givers help sites, support groups, professional organizations, housing, safety and well-being.

Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site.

Submit only those sites that provide information for and about seniors, their health issues, or care-giver issues. If your site has products for sale, please submit it to the appropriate Shopping site.
Generalized assisted living guides, stories and articles, from both the patients' and caregivers' points of view. "Assisted living" refers to care outside the home.
Sites about in-home health care assistance are listed in Health/Home_Health/Home_Care/.

Sites for locations that are primarily retirement communities, without assisted living or nursing services, should be submitted to Society > People > Seniors > Retirement > Housing and Communities.

Sites listed here will represent organizations of health professionals involved in care of seniors.
NB There are separate, linked categories for associations for medical practitioners and for nurses.

Sites for carer organizations do not belong here, and are listed in Health/Senior_Health/Caregiver_Support .

Support and resources for those caring for aging parents, or working with the elderly.
Resources for safe medication use in the elderly population.
Sites listed here will focus on the use of medication in older people. Sites may cover the prescribing issues involved, the risks of multiple medications, the different side-effects in this population, and similar topics.

Sites about specific drugs will NOT be listed here. They belong in the correct subcategory of Health/Pharmacy
Sites about health insurance, prescription assistance, and other commercial or administrative topics belong in the appropriate category under Business/ or Society/.

Sites with information about assisting the elderly to eat well, problems associated with nutrition and the aging population. Not for the promotion of medications or supplements.
This category is for sites that discuss the physiological changes of aging that affect sexuality.