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Abortion is the termination or ending of a pregnancy after implantation. Abortions can be performed either surgically or using pharmaceuticals. This category lists sites about abortion procedures. Abortion is a contentious issue, and sites about the issue or expressing particular viewpoints are listed in Society:Issues:Abortion. Abortion providers and abortion alternative services are listed in @linked categories.
Sites listed here will focus on information and education, and will not be primarily commercial.
For other sites, one of the following categories may be more suitable:
  • Shopping/Health/Reproduction_and_Sexuality/Birth_Control for sites selling products to consumers,
  • Business/Healthcare/Products_and_Services/Reproductive_Health/ for manufacturers of contraceptive products, or
  • Society/Issues/Family_Planning/ for sites concerned with the issues and arguments involved.
Birth control is also known as contraception. It refers to the prevention of a pregnancy following sexual intercourse, and may involve physical barriers, hormonal manipulation, or surgical intervention. (Some people also include abortion and abstinence.)
Contraception can be a controversial issue in terms of politics, religion and ethics.
This subcategory includes sites relevant to services associated with abortion alternatives, either sources providing services directly or furnishing access to such services (such as crisis pregnancy centers, pregnancy help centers, and maternity homes). Not for sites/pages primarily advocacy in nature such as some of those included in the Society:Issues:Abortion category. Sites that focus primarily on adoption services belong in Home: Family: Adoption.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate subcategory. Only sites offering a range of information/resources will be accepted to the top category.
Infertility is absent or reduced fertility, resulting in an inability to conceive and carry to term a healthy child.
Accepted sites will contain information regarding pregnancy and birth.

Sites selling pregnancy-related products (breast pumps, pillows, clothing, any items for sale) must be submitted to the appropriate shopping category:

Shopping/Health/Reproduction_and_Sexuality/Pregnancy_and_Birth/ deals with products for morning sickness, gender choice, and breastfeeding.

Shopping/Children/Baby/ deals with products for babies, such as blankets and equipment.

Informative articles and sites relating to pregnancy and birth.
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