Occupational Therapists use meaningful activities as rehabilitative techniques and work with disabled people in overcoming difficulties in performing everyday activities. This category lists sites with general relevance to Occupational Therapy.
Please submit only sites with a general relevance to occupational therapy. Individual colleges, employment services and clinics and service providers should be submitted instead to the relevant sub-category.
Public and private providers of Occupational Therapy services. Consumers should check that therapists are suitably qualified and registered.
Please only submit sites offering an occupational therapy service. Full contact details and geographical area covered should be given.
Institutions that offer pre-qualification and post-qualification training and research programmes in Occupational Therapy.
Please submit only academic institutions offering training in Occupational Therapy, pre and post qualification, or research programmes. Please submit only distinct OT-related sites, not links to wider multidisciplinary faculties. Thank you.
Employment related sites for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants.