Methadone maintenance for heroin addiction is covered in Health/Addictions/Substance_Abuse/Methadone_Maintenance .
Ecstasy or MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a stimulant that combines the properties of methamphetamine or "speed" with mind-altering or hallucinogenic properties. Considered the most commonly used designer drug, Ecstasy is a close derivative of methamphetamine and can be described as a hallucinogenic stimulant. Designer drugs are illicit variations of other drugs. Because of many different recipes used to manufacture Ecstasy, deaths have been caused by some other substances inadvertently created during production, such as PMA (paramethamphetamine). Ecstasy was banned in 1985, and is currently classified as a Schedule 1 substance.
Meclizine is an antiemetic used in the treatment of motion sickness. Brand names include Antivert, Bonine, Bonamine, Dizmiss, Meni-D, and Ru-Vert-M.
Medroxyprogesterone is a synthetic form of progestin, a female hormone. It is used to regulate menses and treat menopausal symptoms. In its injection form, it is used as a contraceptive agent. Brand names include Provera, Depo-Provera, Amen, Curretab, and Cycrin.
Used in the treatment of malaria.
Natural sleep-inducing hormone produced by the brain.
Meloxicam (under the brand name Mobicox) is a new arthritis drug. Unlike other COX-II selective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) known as coxibs, Meloxicam, an oxicam COX-2 selective NSAID, is a unique class of COX-II selective NSAIDs that appear to not carry the same risk of blood clots that other coxibs have.
Melphalan is used in the treatment of cancer.
an orally active NMDA receptor antagonist to treat Alzheimer's Disease.
Metformin is used in the treatment of diabetes.
Opioid drug used for treatment of chronic pain and in the treatment of heroin addiction.
Methadone maintenance for heroin addiction is covered in Health/Addictions/Substance_Abuse/Methadone_Maintenance .
Antithyroid drug, brand name Tapazole.
Stimulant used for a number of purposes, especially treatment of ADD and ADHD. Brand names include Ritalin and Concerta.
Miconazole is used in the treatment of yeast infections.
Also known as the morning-after pill or RU-486. Medication used to terminate pregnancies.
Indicated for the treatment of adult patients with mild to moderate type 1 Gaucher disease.
Brand name Remeron, an antidepressant that works on both norepinephrine and serotonin.
Psychostimulant medication approved in the United States for treatment of narcolepsy (marketed as Provigil); investigational for other uses. Modafinil is less likely to cause jitteriness, anxiety, excess locomotor activity, or a hypersomnolent 'rebound effect' than the amphetamines.
Montelukast is a leukotriene blocker that helps control seasonal allergy symptoms and asthma.
Moxifloxacin is an antibiotic. One brand is Avelox, which is used to treat lung and sinus infections. An 0.5% solution marketed as Vigamox is used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis (pinkeye).