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Very few sites will be suitable for listing at this top level, which should be for sites about global organizations covering more than one field of health.

This category is for English language web sites of Alternative Health professional organizations and links to other Open Directory categories for organizations and clubs; "People" organizations.

The editors reserve the right to omit from the index sites which are submitted more than once to the same category, sites under construction, or sites which belong in other categories.

This category is NOT for business organisations


See also Business/Resources/Associations/

If your organization is a ''local'' one, you should submit it to a subcategory of the "Regional" section

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Please submit disease/disorder-specific health organizations to the specific disease state. For example, an Alzheimer''s organization should be submitted to Health/Conditions and Diseases/Neurological Disorders/Alzheimer''s/Associations.
No sites will be listed here. This category provides links to the categories where dental organizations are listed. Please suggest your site to one of those instead.
Please submit regionally-specific health organizations to the appropriate regional category. For example, a health-related organization that serves Australia should be submitted to Regional/Oceania/Australia/Health/Organisations.