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Please submit sites that contain descriptions and examples of heart or lung auscultation. Sites that contain interactive tutorials are preferred over sites that simply provide catalogs of audio files for different pathologies.
This section holds sites of interest to the critical care nurse. Subcategories hold sites of more specialized interest.
Lists informational sites pertaining to nurse managers. Do not list employment sites here, these belong in Health/Nursing/Employment.
Information and tools useful to nurse managers in all settings.
Nursing assistants provide much, if not most, of the hands-on care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and in the home.
Please submit only sites which are aimed specifically at pediatric nurses.

General nursing sites belong in other subcategories of Health: Nursing.

General child health sites belong under Health: Child Health.

Pediatric nurses are health care professionals who work with infants and children of all ages.
This category lists informational sites on the topic of the specialty of rehab nursing. Please do not submit rehab facility sites, employment sites, or sites without a nursing focus.
Focuses on the specialty of rehabilitation (rehab) nursing.
Telephone Triage nursing involves performing verbal interviews, and making assessments and plans regarding the health of the caller. This category offers resources for nurses in telephone triage.
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