The word "blog" is taken from the combination of the two words: "web" and "log." To be included in this category, the website in question must have some kind of online journal or log that is frequently updated. In addition, the website organizational focus must feature the blog. The autistic spectrum spans the continuum from low-functioning people with autism through those with either high-functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome and everything in-between. Issues relating to and stemming from this subject are to be the main focus of these blogs.

This category is for people who have blogs focused primarily on the autistic spectrum and its related issues.

The topics covered and the links provided should demonstrate this focus most of the time.

Blogs will be listed only if they contain original material, and blogs must have several posts within each six-month period. However, blogs with at least two months of active blogging, with accompanying links will be taken under consideration. Inactive blogs will be removed.

While variant points-of-view are allowed and encouraged, blogs demonstrating any kind of libelous content will not be included, let alone considered.