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Sites submitted to this category must provide general information on or about ADD and/or ADHD.

Clinical articles and research, treatment information, personal pages, or support groups should be suggested to the appropriate subcategory. Submitting them here will only delay possible listing.

Information about this disorder in children for parents, teachers, and caregivers should be suggested to /Child_and_Adolescent/ADD_and_ADHD.

Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are neurological conditions. Research indicates that problems producing neurotransmitters in the frontal lobe and limbic portions of the brain may be the cause.

While commonly thought of in terms of their effect on children, it is now believed that ADD and ADHD may not be outgrown. Some studies suggest that as many as three-percent (3%) of adults may suffer from attention deficit disorders.

Behaviors in adults and children are similar: distractibility, lack of impulse control, problems with organizing or sequencing tasks, restlessness, and forgetfulness.

Sites listed here will represent support networks with a physical address and/or a web presence.
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