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Sites listed here will be for organizations offering help to problem gamblers. There are different subcategories for treatment agencies and support groups.
This category is for public or private organizations offering help to problem gamblers. These may be run by local councils, non-profit agencies, or state/national governments, and many of them offer telephone helplines.
The research work and/or findings should be conducted by a commission, university or other institution. The information contained within the site should be of interest to health care workers, educators, researchers and others dealing with gambling issues.
This subcategory contains sites that mainly focus on research and/or the publication of research findings related to pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or problem gambling.
Sites listed here will represent support networks with a physical address and/or a web presence. Those with a physical address may also be submitted to the relevant Regional subcategory.
For groups, communities, or meeting places which provide an opportunity for people with a common experience of pathological gambling (in themselves or others), to share their concerns, and to seek and offer information and advice.
Do not submit sites that mainly focus on providing toll-free helpline services, information about gambling problems, and referrals to professional treatment centers to this subcategory.
This subcategory contains sites that mainly focus on providing professional counseling and treatment services to pathological gamblers. These organizations are usually staffed with psychiatrists, psychologists and those who specialize as gambling counselors.
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