A controversial topic within mental health, multiple personality refers to what was once called Multiple Personality Disorder, and is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. The diagnosis has detractors, who believe it is iatrogenic (caused by treatment) rather than a "real" disorder. Just to make the controversy more interesting, many people with multiplicity believe it is not a disorder at all, but a characteristic (like "left-handed"), a way of being that is out of the mainstream. Post-modern conceptualizations of the self have room for such diversity. These links cover scholarly, personal, support-group, and philosophical links about multiplicity.
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This category is for webrings devoted to issues pertinent to multiple personality (or Dissociative Identity Disorder), both those that take a traditional, disorder perspective, and those that take the perspective that individuals with multiplicity are not disordered but have more than one individual person living within their bodies.
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Multiple Personality: Support (for sites basically devoted to offering support for individuals with multiplicity)

Multiple Personality: Support: Survivors (for sites which are autobiographical in nature or personal homepages of multiples)

Multiple Personality: Support: Forums (for sites that are essentially message forums regarding multiplicity)