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Please submit sites that are content-rich in the area of MPD, DID, and closely-related issues. Note that there are other categories for incest-related sites, general trauma sites, and so forth: hunt around and make sure you are in the right category, and PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT TO ONE.

There are sub-categories here for support groups, webrings, personal experiences of DID survivors, and organizations. Look around, and decide which is the most closely related to your site. And thanks for submitting!

A controversial topic within mental health, multiple personality refers to what was once called Multiple Personality Disorder, and is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. The diagnosis has detractors, who believe it is iatrogenic (caused by treatment) rather than a "real" disorder. Just to make the controversy more interesting, many people with multiplicity believe it is not a disorder at all, but a characteristic (like "left-handed"), a way of being that is out of the mainstream. Post-modern conceptualizations of the self have room for such diversity. These links cover scholarly, personal, support-group, and philosophical links about multiplicity.
Sites listed here will represent professional or consumer-oriented organizations concerned with dissociative disorders.

Sites about organizations offering mainly patient/family support belong in Health/Mental_Health/Disorders/Dissociative/Support_Groups.
Sites about treatment services will not be listed here, and belong in the appropriate subcategory of Health/Mental_Health/Counseling_Services.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Sites that are essentially aimed at support for people with multiplicity should be in the subcategory just above this one: Support.

Sites that are about multiplicity more generally belong in the category Health: Mental Health: Disorders: Multiple Personality.

This category is for personal homepages or autobiographical pages of individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder (or multiple personalities). Included are sites that take a traditional, psychiatric perspective (that this is a disorder) and those that take the perspective that multiplicity is simply another way one's mind might be organized.
This subcategory of the category: Multiple Personality is for sites primarily devoted to offering support to individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), a condition thought to be caused by early childhood trauma.

Please submit sites which offer online support or describe support groups in the community.

Sites that are basically message forums belong in the subcategory: Forums.

Sites that are essentially personal homepages of individuals with multiplicity should go to this subcategory: Survivors.

Online support for individuals who dissociate. These sites include those using a disorder-based perspective and a non-pathological ("Multiplicity is normal, just a different way of existing in the world or a different organization of one's mind, not a disorder") philosophy.
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