Sites that offer online counseling and treatment services. Nearly all counseling services online charge fees for their services. Good online counselors or therapists will give their real name and list their full credentials. If you can't find people's names on the Web site, it is usually not a good sign. When in doubt about a service, call or e-mail first before using it.
Please note:

If you are an individual (or couple, or two therapists in practice together) offering online clinical services of some type, you must submit your site to the Individual Practitioners subcategory, not this general category. This general category includes only broader service offerings, articles, and directories.

We also highly recommend that identifying information about your (or your counselors'', if you are a larger practice) clinical training, experience, and background be readily available on the Web site. Discerning readers tend to discredit sites with little or no real-world identifying information.

By following these guidelines, your listing will be published more quickly than it would otherwise. Thank you!

Sites which are primarily advice-types of services for mental health issues should go here.
Resources that discuss the effectiveness and ethics of online counseling and e-therapy.
This category is for practitioners who offer mental health services online.
Includes sites that offer alternative types of therapy, e.g., spiritual counseling (non-Christian), intuitive counseling, holistic oriented therapy, self empowerment services via telephone, email, private chat, or video conferencing.