This is a subspecialty of obstetrics and neonatology concerned with the care of the mother and fetus when there are increased risks of complications. Definitions vary, but the perinatal period begins approximately after 25th week of pregnancy and ends in the first month after birth.

A high-risk baby might be cared for by a perinatologist before and during birth, and by a neonatologist after birth, although at the time of delivery, both specialists are likely to be in attendance.

Sites listed here will be concerned with the medical aspects of perinatal care, and the focus will be on information for health professionals.

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Scientific journals on perinatology medicine.
Societies united by a universal interest in perinatal medicine.
Research in this field dates from the 19th century, when the Hungarian physician Semmelweiss found that if doctors disinfected their hands after each delivery, deaths from "childbed fever" fell dramatically.
Sites listed here will focus on clinical research in the specific field of perinatal medicine.

There is a different subcategory for Neonatal Research.