Pediatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with the care and development of children and with the prevention and treatment of children's diseases. [Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition]
Sites listed here will be concerned with the medical aspects of children''s diseases and treatment, and the focus will be on information for health professionals.

If the focus is more on consumer information, your site may be more appropriately listed in Child Health.

These institutions usually offer specialized training for physicians. They may also offer research opportunities, training for related health professionals, online courses, and regular meetings.
Please submit sites from universities or other institutions which offer training or research in Pediatrics or one of its subspecialties.

Sites about pediatric facilities belong in Children''s Hospitals

Sites not written in English must be submitted to the World category.

Professional societies, organisations and associations related to Pediatrics.
Resources for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education in the field of pediatrics.
All journals dealing with Pediatrics.
The pediatric sub-specialty concerned with the first 28 days after birth.
Sites listed here will focus on the medical aspects of the neonatal period ( the 28 days following birth ).

If your site is concerned with congenital diseases and anomalies, you will find a more appropriate category by searching here.

Sites about premature babies are listed here.

Sites listed here will focus on clinical research in the general field of pediatric medicine.

There is a different subcategory for Neonatal Research.