Sites listed here relate to structure, concepts and methodologies. "An Electronic Health Record Architectures (EHRA) is an information model or framework for the construction of electronic health records. It has been defined by the European Standards Committee (CEN). An EHR Architecture is a model of the generic features necessary in any electronic healthcare record in order that the record may be communicable, complete, a useful and effective ethico-legal record of care, and may retain integrity across systems, countries, and time. The Architecture does not prescribe or dictate what anyone stores in their healthcare records. Nor does it prescribe or dictate how any electronic healthcare record system is implemented. It places no restrictions on the types of data which can appear in the record, including those which have no counterpart in paper records." From Viewed 22/12/2003
Development sites researching methods, concepts and archetectures for storing patients health records electronically also sites that consult, develop, and program for EHR needs. Commercial systems should list in: Business/Healthcare/Computing/Software/Practice_ Management/Medical_Records