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Health care is to be a central focus of the association. The association must deal with one or more aspects of health informatics. Purely commercial associations (for-profit) should be listed in the Business categories.
Organisations that have health informatics as their central focus or mission. Organisations that have a broader focus than health may be moved to a more appropriate category.
Old sites will be removed after 12 months unless they retain some content of value to a searcher.
Details of future and past conferences and meeting focussed on health informatics.
Academic sites (universities, learned colleges etc.) where the study of information systems related to medicine and health is facilitated and studied.
Must be either a journal or an article (eg.pdf) relating to health informatics. Articles not related to healthcare in some way are not suitable. There may be more specific categories for an article''s focus and sites should be submitted to those categories first.
Journals specifically focussed on health informatics and closely related topics. General articles or documents available on the web that discuss the fields of health informatics.
Sites simply advertising consultancy services will not be listed here. Site must contain significant evidence of publication, academic activity, leadership within related informatics associations or peer acknowledgements through awards, titles, prizes etc.
Sites containing details of learned people with significant health informatics focus.
If the standard does not relate to health care directly it should more correctly be submitted to Science/Reference/Standards. Information relating specifically to a specific standard is welcome though if more correctly related to a specific informatics area please submit to that category. Business (for profit) sites are not appropriate here.
National or international standards and their associated sites directly related to some element of health informatics.
Please submit only sites dealing with Telemedicine in this category. Please note - This category does not concern businesses serving the healthcare industry, instead see Business/Healthcare.
Telemedicine is known by several names - eHealth, telehealth, eMedicine and Internet healthcare to name a few. Whatever the title, telemedicine is the provision of healthcare solutions to geographically remote areas via Internet technology. Simply put, telemedicine uses telecommunications to allow physicians to diagnose and treat patients anywhere in the world. Please note - This category does not concern businesses serving the healthcare industry, instead see Business/Healthcare.
Sites listed here will focus on terminology associated with medical informatics.
Sites about terminology in other fields of medicine belong in those specific categories. (eg A site about terminology in Family Medicine belongs in Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties/Family_Medicine/. )
Interface terminologies, reference clinical classifications, ontologies, archetypes, health concepts and associated standards are critical foundation elements of health informatics. Sites listed should lead the user further into those fields.
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