General information about personal training and the methods of personal trainers. NOTE: This category IS NOT for listing individual personal trainers, personal training studios or local gyms.
Sites listed here will provide general information about personal trainers and their methods.

PLEASE NOTE: sites for individual trainers and training companies are NOT listed here. Such sites belong in the appropriate category in the Regional branch, or (if their services are entirely online), they belong in that specific subcategory here.

These are directories of personal trainers, rather that individual websites for the trainers.
Only submit directories of personal trainers and not websites that are only for single personal trainers, facilities or organizations.
For sites that provide individualized instruction and/or real-time (live chat, e-mail etc.) personal training online.
This subcategory is for sites about online personal training ONLY.

Sites where the main focus is selling books, e-books, videos and audio tapes will not be listed here. They belong in,_Audio_and_Video .

Personal trainers offering services in person are listed in the appropriate category in the Regional branch.

Online programs for weight-loss and strength training are listed in those specific categories, not here.

Professional organizations for fitness instructors and/or personal trainers offer their members continuing education, certification, and access to resources such as libraries and databases.
Sites listed here will represent professional organizations offering membership and benefits to fitness instructors and/or personal trainers.
Gyms, fitness studios, individual trainer sites, and companies offering fitness services to consumers will NOT be listed here, and should be sent to the appropriate subcategory in Health/Fitness/ or in Regional/.