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Sites listed here will be non-commercial, and will offer tips and programs for fitness.

The following will NOT be listed here: sites for personal trainers, gyms, fitness studios, equipment sales, and sales of online training products and services. Please find a more appropriate category for such sites, as submitting them here will very likely delay their review.

As more is understood about the way the body responds to exercise, fitness training requires a more scientific approach, and this category contains non-commercial sites offering advice and guidance.
Sites listed here will contain information of interest to people in many areas or countries.
Sites relating only to a specific location do not belong here, and should be sent to the appropriate category under Regional/.

NB Sites with a focus on online shopping belong in one of the subcategories of Shopping/Sports/Fitness/Aerobics/ and submitting here will significantly delay review.

The topic covers traditional dance aerobics, step aerobics, aqua aerobics, spinning, and other such cardiovascular activities. Note that there are other categories for aerobic sports such as running, outdoor cycling, swimming, walking, etc.
Sites listed here will be about certification, or companies which offer courses. Sites for professional, non-profit, membership-based organizations which provide certification to their members should be sent to Health/Fitness/Organizations. Schools and colleges offering certification courses may be listed here, but the focus of their courses must be fitness certification.

Fitness studios and instructors who offer training as well as other services, should be sent to the Locality subcategory of Regional/.

Professional certifications granted to fitness professionals, including instructors, personal trainers, weight management consultants, and rehabilitation specialists.
If your site is an on-line catalog of products for sale, please submit to a suitable subcategory of Shopping/Health
Links and resources for locating facilities, employment opportunities, equipment exchange, further researches into Health and Fitness.
Please submit sites dealing with any aspect of the Lotte Berk method. Sites of Lotte Berk studios detailing class schedules should be submitted under Studios.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please note that YMCA sites should be submitted under a suitable subcategory of Society/Organizations/Public_Service/YMCA/
Gyms may include similar facilities such as Fitness Studios and Health Clubs, and are usually indoor facilities where exercise takes place.
Includes publications and news focusing on fitness topics.
Sites listed here will have a primary focus on Nia and be of general interest to users.
Sites with a very limited regional significance (eg a site about classes with no general information) should be sent to the most appropriate city or town subcategory of the Regional branch.
Nia is a fitness and movement program drawing elements from martial arts, yoga, and dance. Developed in the early 1980s by Debbie and Carlos Rosas, Nia now claims teachers and practitioners around the world. The name "Nia", though not capitalized like an acronym, is actually derived from "Neuromuscular Integrative Action". It also means "with purpose" in Swahili.
Organizations whose major function is certification of fitness professionals should submit to


Organizations that are not national or international in scope should submit to the appropriate Regional subcategory.

Professional organizations that encourage fitness though education and promotion.
This category contains personal, non-commercial sites about fitness.

Sites focused mainly on offering personal training services belong in the correct regional category linked under Health/Fitness/Personal_Training/

Sites about glamour modeling belong in the appropriate subcategory of Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Fashion/Modeling/Portfolios/Individual/

Sites with online sales belong in the appropriate subcategory of Shopping/Health/.

Usually concerning one person, a celebrity, a student, or a hobbyist perhaps, who is offering some fitness insight.
Sites listed here will provide general information about personal trainers and their methods.

PLEASE NOTE: sites for individual trainers and training companies are NOT listed here. Such sites belong in the appropriate category in the Regional branch, or (if their services are entirely online), they belong in that specific subcategory here.

General information about personal training and the methods of personal trainers. NOTE: This category IS NOT for listing individual personal trainers, personal training studios or local gyms.
To be listed in this category, sites must be informational in nature and focus on the Pilates method.

Individual studios and centers belong in the appropriate category in the Regional branch.

Sites offering products for sale should be submitted to the most appropriate shopping category, such as Shopping/Sports/Fitness/Books,_Audio_and_Video/Pilates_Method/.
Sites about the manufacture of Pilates equipment would belong under Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Sporting_Goods/Fitness_Equipment/Pilates_Method/.

Pilates is a method of toning, stretching and strengthening using special apparatus to achieve a balanced body. Joseph Pilates developed the method and it is now taught worldwide.
This category does not list sites; it only provides links to the fitness categories of specific countries or continents, for aid in navigating the directory.
This category does not list sites; it only provides links to the fitness categories of specific countries or continents, for aid in navigating the directory.
If your site is an on-line catalog of products for sale, please submit to a suitable subcategory of Shopping/Health
For fitness businesses as well as fitness enthusiasts.
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