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Sites submitted to this category should contain details about an institute''s or facility''s mission and stroke programs.
With respect to this category, a "center" is an institute or facility involved in the study, prevention, or treatment of stroke--a sudden interruption of blood flow to a region of the brain, caused by a blockage or rupture in a vessel supplying that region.
This category is dedicated to regional and national stroke organizations. Supportive message boards and discussion lists for stroke survivors and their family members may be submitted to the "Support Groups" subcategory; other resources may be submitted to the parent category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Sites listed here will be concerned primarily with strokes in children.

If your site is about strokes in general, it should be submitted here instead.

Strokes ( also called cerebro-vascular accidents or CVA ) can occur in babies and children of all ages, including unborn babies. The causes and symptoms are usually different from those in adults.
Groups in this category serve the support needs of survivors, caregivers, and others who have been affected by stroke. They offer opportunities for individuals to meet and share experiences in person or via the Internet. You are encouraged to read available disclaimers and privacy policies before participating in a group.
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