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Includes non-profit associations and research organizations.
Personal Pages and sites related to Epilepsy.
Information on photosensitive epilepsy, a condition in which seizures are triggered by flickering or intermittent light stimulation.
A group of syndromes featuring a combination of myoclonic and tonic-clonic seizures. Unsteadiness, muscle rigidity, and mental deterioration are often also present.
Sites submitted for consideration in this category must provide direct or indirect (links) information about epilepsy and/or issues related to epilepsy.
Epilepsy resources are any sites that provide information about epilepsy or support for people for whom epilepsy is an issue.
Sites listed here will represent formal or informal groups of people who are connected by a common experience with epilepsy.
Groups which exist only on the internet belong in the Chats and Forums subcategory here.

Note that official organizations are listed in the Health/Conditions_and_Diseases/Neurological_Disorders/Epilepsy/Organizations, even though they also offer support.

Sites for networks of people with something in common who give and receive help, advice, friendship and emotional support.
For sites dedicated to the treatment and care of epilepsy.
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