Arthrogryposis is a condition of multiple joint contractures present at birth. Arthrogryposis translated from the Greek literally means "curved or hooked joints."
Freeman-Sheldon syndrome (FSS), also termed, distal arthrogryposis type 2A (DA2A), craniocarpotarsal dysplasia (or dystrophy), "whistling face-windmill vane hand syndrome", is a rare form of multiple congenital contracture (MCC) syndromes (arthrogryposises) and is the most severe form of distal arthrogryposis. Features include: talipes equinovarus, camptodactyly, scoliosis, ocular abnormalities with regard to the musculature involved, microstomia, high arched palate, attenuated movement of facial musculature, and various other primary anomalies involving, but limited to, the musculoskeletal systems.
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