Celiac disease (Nontropical Sprue) is the inability to digest gluten - all wheat, rye, triticale, barley or oats and any food containing these grains. Gluten damages the small intestine, and nutrients cannot be absorbed. Celiac disease occurs in children and in adults, and is not outgrown. A gluten-free diet will successfully control this condition.
Sites listed here will provide non-commercial information about the disease, as well as resources for patients and their families, and personal accounts.

Sites with online sales of products will not be listed here, and should be sent to Shopping/Food/Diet/Allergen_Free/Gluten-Free .

Skin condition closely associated with celiac disease, characterized by a very itchy rash. Patients are sensitive to gluten.
These groups, communities, or organizations provide an opportunity for patients or families to share their concerns, and to seek and offer information and advice.
Sites listed here will represent patient-oriented support networks with a physical address and/or a web presence. Those with a physical address may also be submitted to the relevant Regional subcategory.