A resource in this category will offer information pertaining to (1) several speech-language disorders or (2) a single speech-language disorder that is not covered by another ODP category. Please note: Clinical practices devoted to speech-therapy may be submitted to the appropriate "Regional" subcategory; resources dedicated to aphasia, semantic-pragmatic disorder, spasmodic dysphonia, or stuttering may be submitted to their respective subcategories in "Health: Conditions and Diseases: Communication Disorders: Language and Speech."
Online resources concerning aphasia--an impairment of comprehension and/or expression resulting from injury to one or more of the language processing regions of the brain.
Please submit resources that focus on aphasia. If your resource deals with other language and speech disorders as well, you may submit it to the parent category Health: Conditions and Diseases: Communication Disorders: Language and Speech.
Spasmodic dysphonia is a neurologically based vocal disorder involving intermittent spasms in muscles of the layrnx (voice box). The spasms may produce interruptions in speech or lend a whispery or strained quality to the voice.