This category is for informational sites related to deafness.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. Submitting to an incorrect category may delay review of your site.
Please submit only websites that have English language content to this category and its subcategories. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
Assistive listening devices are instruments that are designed to improve a person's ability to hear in specific listening situations.
Sites listed here will provide mainly non-commercial information.

Sites for manufacturers and retailers do not belong here, but in the appropriate Business, Shopping, or Regional category.

Organizations set up in the interests of people who are deaf or have hearing loss.
International organisations are listed here. National and local organisations are listed in the appropriate subcategory and can also be listed in the Regional part of the Directory.
This category is for English language sites. Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World
These groups, communities, or meeting places provide an opportunity for people with a common experience of deafness to share their concerns and experiences, and to seek and offer information and advice.
Sites listed here will represent support networks with a physical address and/or a web presence. Those with a physical address may also be submitted to the relevant Regional subcategory.