Welcome to Health/Child Health/Information and Advice! Here you will find a wealth of information from sites that offer parents and care givers the resources needed to care for healthy children.
Submission should be sites that offer a broad range of information and advice on the health and well being of children.

Sites that are specific to child health issues, such as conditions and diseases, or growth and development, should be submitted to the appropriate Health/Child Health category.

General advice for parents on topics related to child and adolescent mental health, including parenting an emotionally healthy child, dealing with unusual situations, and when and how to seek special help. Advice on specialized child/adolescent mental health topics, such as parenting a child with a particular disorder or condition, is found in more specialized topical categories.
This category of the Open Directory Project is designed to offer parents, professionals and others interested or involved in children's health, to access online information and advice from the experts.
Sites should offer online advice (e.g. Q & A) and the site be owned and or operated and associated with: a pediatric doctor(s), nurse(s) or other child associated physician(s).