This category provides health information, support and advice to parents and care givers about children ranging in age from newborn to twenty-one.
Submit sites that are related to children''s health issues and concerns.

Sites that are specifically designed or directed at children as the audience can also be submitted to the appropriate category.

Information, support and advice concerning conditions and diseases in children, ranging in age from newborn to twenty-one years old.
Submit sites about conditions or diseases that affect children or young people between the ages of newborn to 21 years old.
Fitness is an important aspect of child health.
Sites listed here will provide non-commercial information about child fitness and its health benefits.

Commercial sites are listed as follows:

    Gyms in the appropriate regional subcategory of Health/Fitness/Gyms/
    Weight loss camps in Recreation/Camps/Weight_Loss
    Personal trainers in Health/Fitness/Personal_Training
    Sites with online product sales in Shopping/Sports/Fitness/Children/ .
Sites with resources for school fitness teachers are listed in Reference/Education/K_through_12/Educators/Lesson_Plans.
The Child Growth and Development category includes sites focusing on the physical, behavioral, and emotional growth and development of children and teenagers.
A collection of websites that provide information about childhood vaccines.
Please submit your site that provides general information about childhood vaccines.

Anti-vaccine sites that do not provide unbiased and factual information do not belong in this category. They may be accepted in the ''Society/Issues/Health/Vaccination/'' category.

This category provides information and advice concerning the health and well-being of children from newborn to pre school age.
Please submit sites that offer parent''s advice on common parenting and medical problems. Pages with advice on a single issue will not be accepted. This category is more for web sites with general information and advice.
Welcome to Health/Child Health/Information and Advice! Here you will find a wealth of information from sites that offer parents and care givers the resources needed to care for healthy children.
Submission should be sites that offer a broad range of information and advice on the health and well being of children.

Sites that are specific to child health issues, such as conditions and diseases, or growth and development, should be submitted to the appropriate Health/Child Health category.

Operation on infant boys to remove the foreskin which covers the head of the penis.
Submit sites on neonatal circumcision, an operation performed on infant boys to remove the foreskin from the penis.
Informative, educational articles related to children''s health will be considered, and will be scrutinized. Articles should be current and informative to parents and professionals alike.

Deep links to an affiliate site, or any site selling nutrition or health products may not be listed. The appropriate category can be found within the Shopping category of ODP.

Welcome to Health/Child Health/Organizations! This category is here to provided you with access to organizations that have a focus on improving and changing child health care system and its services for children.
Sites accepted will be specific organizations improving the child health care system. This includes foundations and organizations.

Sites of organizations that are charities for children should be submitted appropriately to Society/Organizations/Humanitarian/Child Welfare/Medical

Welcome to Health/Child Health/Pediatric Rehabilitation. Sites here will provide you with specific information on rehabilitation services offered to and focusing on children and adolescents with special health care needs.
Submissions should be related to programs and/or services providing or supporting pediatric rehabilitation for children and adolescents with special health care needs.
Sites listed here relate to general issues surrounding childhood developmental disabilities.
Sites with a more specific focus belong in the more specific categories such as those linked from here, and those related to behavioral disabilities are listed in Health/Mental Health/Disorders/Childhood Disorders.

Sites listed here should be of value and interest to users around the world. Sites concerning localised resources or programs should be sent to the correct subcategory of Regional/.

This is the place to find resources and support for the medically needy child and their family.
Organizations offering emotional support may submit sites.

Organizations offering charity to anything other than medical may not submit their site. Please submit to Society/Organizations/Humanitarian/Child Welfare/Charities for Children.