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Please Add: Sites which offer advice, tips, repair ideas, suggestions for successful healthy hair care. Sites which have free consultations or online trials for hair styles, colors, etc. Sites which have membership and repeated contact opportunities. Look at the list of sites already included in this category and imitate that pattern.
Advice, tips, repair ideas, and suggestions for successful, healthy, hair care. New styles and general styling information.
Please Add: Sites which offer general information about electrolysis without charge to the viewer. Sites which offer opinions, news about techniques. General reference or directories for electrolysis services. Look at the list of sites already added and imitate the pattern there.
Information about electrolysis which can help the general public.

This category lists informational and non-commercial sites about hair salons only.

PLEASE NOTE: The following sites will NOT be listed here:

  • Individual hair salons and chains belong in the appropriate category in Regional, where customers are more likely to find them.
  • Sites offering online, mail, or phone sales of products belong in the appropriate subcategory under Shopping.
  • Manufacturers, wholesaler suppliers, franchisers, etc., belong in Business.
  • For non-commercial information about hair salons.
    Please Add: Sites with information about different hair types. Check the category to see the sites which have already been added and imitate that pattern.
    Information about hair types, such as curly, fine, coarse hair, etc.
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