Cosmetics are generally viewed as items which enhance one's physical appearance through color application, medicated treatment applications, smoothing and concealing applications. Changing one's physical appearance in combination with the individual's approval and perception of enhancement is at the foundation of beauty. Health is generally considered to be firmly connected to being able to regard oneself as being beautiful and appealing to other people.
Please Add: Sites which have the latest news about cosmetics and cosmetics development, directories for services and/or products.

Please Do Not Add:
1. Sites which offer online ordering or price lists with contact information. These sites belong in the appropriate Shopping category.

2. Sites which offer tips and advice on the use of cosmetics. These sites belong in the Health/Beauty/Cosmetics/Advice category.

3. Sites which feature specific salon services for cosmetics in a specific city or town. These sites belong in the appropriate Regional category for that city or town

4. Sites which feature information regarding permanent cosmetics. These belong in Health/Beauty/Cosmetics/Permanent_Cosmetics.
This category offers sites with advice, tips, repair ideas and suggestions for successful use of cosmetics.
This category is for non-commercial sites, and the following will not be listed here:
    Sites which offer online purchasing belong in Shopping.
    Sites which feature specific salon services in a particular city or town belong in the appropriate Regional category for the particular city or town.
    Pseudo-blogs which offer product "reviews" but which are simply doorways for sales. These will not be suitable for listing anywhere.
Permanent cosmetics are treatments applied by professionals using color and pigment.
Sites which will be appropriate here will offer information regarding permanent cosmetics, types of treatment, results which can be expected, conditions which might make permanent cosmetics appealing and directories for supplies or salons.

Sites which focus on selling permanent cosmetics will NOT be listed here, and belong in Shopping/Health/Beauty/Cosmetics.