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Commercial sites whose primary purpose is to sell a product should be submitted to Cat Products or Pet Health.

Find sites related to your cat's health, happiness and well-being.
Informational sites concerning the health of cattle.
Informational sites concerning the health of deer, moose and elk.
Sites listed here, and in the sub-categories, will consist mainly of free and useful information, with minimal promotional material.

Sites whose primary purpose is to sell products for dogs should be submitted to Dog_Products or Pet_Health.

Sites related to your dog's health, happiness and well-being.
Sites listed here will contain information about this specialty. Sites containing only service or clinic details will be listed in the subcategory.
Sites whose primary purpose is to sell products for equines should be submitted to Healthcare and Grooming.
This category is for informational sites about the health and well-being of horses and other equines.
Sites listed here must be primarily about the health of guinea pigs, including nutrition, reproduction and diseases.

General chats and forums, personal pages, breeders, and other sites which do not focus on health issues are listed in the appropriate subcategory of Recreation/Pets/Rodents/Guinea_Pigs/ . Sites with online product sales (such as food, supplements, toys etc) belong in Shopping/Pets/Small_Mammals.

Guinea pigs, or cavies, are generally a domestic mammal with specific dietary, housing, and social requirements. Their care is often misunderstood, and many web sites help guinea pig owners learn proper care of guinea pigs. Web sites range from general introductions to guinea pigs to specific pages on nutritional needs, sexing, care of illnesses, and breeding.
Please submit only sites about the health of rabbits here. Sites about keeping rabbits as pets should be submitted to Rabbits.
This category is for sites with information about the general health of rabbits.
This category covers rat health.
Sites listed here will focus on providing non-commercial, health-related information. Sites concerned primarily with products and services related to sheep health will not be listed here, and belong in Business/Healthcare/Animal_Health/Livestock/Sheep/.
Information about reproduction, research data, and general flock and sheep health.
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