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Commercial sites whose primary purpose is to sell a product should be submitted to the appropriate category in Shopping .
Sites on animal communication should be submitted here .
Sites on animal hospitals, clinics and veterinary practices supplying conventional Western medicine should be submitted to the appropriate regional category of Veterinarians .
Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World .
This category is made up of topics that explore animal health related issues using alternatives to the western scientific/medicine (allopathic) remedies. Topics found here may include acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, oriental medicine, folk medicine, homeopathy, massage/physical therapy, hydrotherapy, energy work/vibrational healing, magnetic therapy, laser/photon/light therapy, flower essence therapy, chiropractic, oxygen/hyperbaric/ozone therapy, reflexology, etc. This category is intended for educative, service-oriented, non-commercial sites, although commercial sites with valuable educative content will be considered.
Please submit sites about general bird health to this category.

See also Conditions and Diseases

Sites containing products for sale should be submitted to Shopping/Pets/Health

Non English sites should be submitted to a World category.

Information about the general health and safety of birds.
This category contains sites about various illnesses and conditions that affect more than one kind of animal.
Please submit sites that offer sales of products to Shopping/Pets/Health or Shopping/Sports/Equestrian/Healthcare_and_Grooming according to the species. This category is for product information sites only.
This section includes sites with information about specific drugs, medications, vaccines, insecticides, and herbal health products for animals.
This category contains sites concerned with the health of fish.
This category is for sites related to the health of insects.
Livestock are animals kept under agricultural conditions for the production of meat, dairy, eggs, fibre or other products. This category contains sites about regulations covering the health of livestock and general livestock health issues.
Sites listed here, and in the sub-categories, will consist mainly of free and useful information, with minimal promotional material.

If your site is primarily about selling something, it belongs in Shopping/.

Information related to health of Mammals.
Online stores focusing on pet health products should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Supplies: Health.
Sites focusing on veterinary medicine should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Health: Animal: Veterinary Medicine.
Please submit only websites that have English language content to this category and its subcategories. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the appropriate category of World.
This category is for informational sites about pet health. It is not for sites about pet foods, pet health products, sitting services or any other commercial purpose.
Publications related to Animal health.
Submit sites oriented towards breeding issues: articles and other information pertaining to the maintenance of reproductive soundness, fertility and improved productivity. Commercial sites offering services to the breeding industry should not be submitted here.
Animal health related breeding and reproduction sites.
This category is for sites of general interest on animal health matters.

Please submit sites of only local interest to the appropriate Regional category.

Sites concerning the sale of veterinary products direct to the public should be submitted to the appropriate Shopping category.

Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate category of World
This category is for sites concerning the study and practice of veterinary science. The veterinary profession is involved in the improvement of animal husbandry, the prevention and treatment of animal disease and all the health issues of animals.
Informative content related to health of wildlife animals.
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