The Aging category contains sites about the processes of aging including the psychosocial-environmental health aspects related to those processes. This includes sub-categories covering anti-aging, life expectancy, and the life cycle.
Please do not submit regionally-specific sites here, such as nursing homes, regional associations or organisations - these should be submitted to the most appropriate subcategory of the Regional/ tree.


To be considered for retention in any of the Anti-Aging categories of The Open Directory Project, sites submitted for inclusion must be directly and specifically concerned with Anti-Aging, not simply health, nutrition, alternative medicine, or the like. Naturally, one must be healthy in order to be living when scientific discoveries will allow living well beyond the current average maximum life span of approximately 120 years. Therefore, we encourage you to learn everything you are able about human health. After you've visited the sites linked from the Anti-Aging categories, visit the other main categories also under the Health section of The Open Directory Project.
If your site sells anti-aging products then please submit to the appropriate subcategory of Shopping/Health. Submitting here will only delay the processing of your submission.
Sites listed here will represent institutions and departments offering courses on the aging process to non-physician health professionals.
Sites concerning continuing education for medical practitioners in the field of geriatric medicine belong in Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties/Geriatrics .
Sites listed will inform readers about the concept of life expectancy or about the general factors influencing life expectancy.

This is not a site for commercial product listings. Consider submitting to one of the many sections for "shopping" or "life-extension" or "anti-aging".

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Site or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

For non-commercial sites concerned with scientific and medical research into the aging process.