An addiction or dependency is the state of being abnormally dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.
This category examines psycho-social-environmental addictions as well as substance abuse related addictions. If your site is more related to a mental health disorder please submit to the appropriate subcategory within Health/Mental Health.
For most people, eating is a pleasurable experience. It's a biological necessity that most cultures have elevated to a high social status. But for some, eating is a compulsion. Men and women of all ages force themselves to eat too much or too little, and suffer tremendous psychological pain when they do. Eating, body weight and image become an obsession that damages relationships and has serious medical consequences.
Sites examining eating disorders from a Mental Health perspective should submit their site here .
Gaming addiction has been recognised as a serious problem for many years. It is noted as being particularly addictive when it concerns Massive Multiplayer Online Games, where many addicts retreat in to an online universe to the exclusion of all else. In particularly serious cases gaming addiction has led to the break up of marriages and families, the loss of jobs and in some cases even suicide.
Please only list your site here if it is related to gaming addictions or gaming addicts. If your site deals with addiction in general or multiple types of addictions then please consider submitting your website to a more general category.
This category is for sites that deal with the problem of excessive usage of the Internet to the extent that it interferes with a person''s normal life.
This category is for associations and organizations on the topic of addiction that would not be more suitably listed in one of the subcategories. Thus, before submitting here check to make sure that there is no appropriate subcategory.
This category is reserved for web sites that pertain to general information on substance abuse.
This category is reserved for web sites that pertain to general information on substance abuse. Only the most comprehensive and authoritative sites are listed here. Other sites about substance abuse in general belong in Health/Addictions/Substance_Abuse/Resources. If the site you are submitting is a counseling center, rehab, half-way house, treatment facility, or therapy service, please do NOT submit here. Please submit such sites to the proper local subcategory under Health/Addictions/Substance_Abuse/Centers_and_Counseling_Services

If you are submitting a support group website (e.g., AA, NA, ACOA, Al-Anon, etc.) please find the appropriate local subcategory under Health/Addictions/Substance_Abuse/Alcoholism/Support_Groups or the more general Health/Addictions/Substance_Abuse/Support_Groups

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