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Only sites with deal with the video game version of Boggle should be submitted to this cateogry.
Boggle is a word game where the player must make words out of a set of random letter in a short period of time. The video game version of Boggle contain five different types of boggle-like play. It is also a table top game, which uses lettered dice placed randomly in a tray.
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Only sites which deal with the video game versions of Scrabble should be submitted to this category.
Scrabble is a video game based on the classic board game, Scrabble. Two to four players use tiled letters to create words in a crossword fashion on a board to score points. Hard to use letters score more points and appear less fequently in the game than more comman letters such as "E", "A", and "S"; making strategy an important part of the gameplay.
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