Please only submit Alliance (Clan) sites for Earth 2025.
Web-based roleplaying strategy game. Players start with one soldier with no skills, weapons, or armor, and try to build a powerful army.

Players get income and attack turns every half hour, and can train soldiers for offense, defense, or spying, buy offensive or defensive weapons, hire mercenaries, upgrade technology, spy on or sabotage each other, or attack other players to steal gold.

Each player gets a unique recruiting link, and gets an extra soldier for every unique visitor to that link every day. A large part of gameplay is building networks of players who agree to click on each others' links for mutual benefit. In addition, players get a bonus from extra soldiers given to anyone who joined up after following their recruit link.

Many players join alliances to help protect each other; others enjoy seeing how far they can rise on their own.

This category is for the web-based roleplaying game Kings of Chaos located at

Sites that can be listed here include game tutorials, alliances, and pages about the game experience by individual players. Please do not submit individual recruit links, as they will not be posted here.

Risk, a game of territory conquering, was originally released in board version by Hasbro. This category includes links to sites for or about browser based versions of the original game.

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Space Federation series of games including Galactic Conquest and Unification Wars.
Tactics Arena Online was released in later 2003 and is a Turn Based Strategy game played online against other people. Each player commands their own customizable team to battle head-on against an opponent's team.
Please only submit sites here, which are based solely upon Tactics Arena Online. Websites, which deal with more than one game should be submitted to Games/Video_Games/Massively_Multiplayer_Online or an appropriate subcategory.
This category holds links to pages that provide information about the webgame known as Utopia.
Please only submit links related to Utopia.