Lords of Midnight was an epic adventure game written for the ZX Spectrum microcomputer (amongst others) in the early 1980's. It differed from other games due to the technique known as landscaping which allowed the player to view the world, panoramically, from any location. Also, the player could control multiple characters, allowing for complex strategies with radically different, open-ended scenarios. Using his landscaping technique, Mike Singleton was able to develop a game which offered no less than 31,232 views, from about 3904 locations, which was no mean feat on a computer with only 48 K RAM. The game was also highly playable, leading to rave reviews throughout the gaming world, and soon it achieved cult status, thousands of computer owners losing countless nights in an attempt to destroy Doomdark and his armies. The success was followed up with Doomdark's Revenge and Lords of Midnight: The Citadel.