Games which not only attempt to accurately represent the environment but also the users/vehicles interaction with it. The interaction components are an integral part of the game and are stressed over the action aspects in order to represent the environment better. Another key characteristic is that gameplay and controls are often much more complex than in action games.
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Contains sites that include links for interactive, real-time online chat rooms, bulletin boards, discussion groups, and message boards.
Contains sites which provide cheats, frequently asked questions (FAQs), walkthroughs, help files, hints, and codes.
Dating simulations are a type of computer game in Japan (where they are referred to as "romance games"). The player controls a point of view (POV) game character who interacts with other game characters in the hopes of winning the love of one of them. These games are mainly set in high school, and are usually aimed at heterosexual boys/men, but these games are made with all types of settings and for all kinds of audiences. The thing that all dating sims have in common is deciding what to say to the characters and what activities to do with them, like studying with them or going out on dates. Depending on what you do, your "score" or "appreciation points" with each character will increase or decrease; if you score is high enough at the end of a game, then you win that character's love. Also, depending on what you say and what you do, different opportunities open and close themselves to you, so that there are multiple pathways through the game, and multiple endings. Many games have personal statistics, like how athletic you are, how good you are at math and history, and so on. You have to decide which statistics you want to spend you available time improving, by exercising, studying for a certain subject, and so on. How much a character likes you, if she will be willing to go out on a date with you, and even if you get to meet her in the first place can depend on what your statistics are. Other than that, there are a lot of variations in the games. Some only have what's described above. Some are combined with other games, like having to fight a character in a Street Fighter type game, or you have to play a card game against another character. None of these games have been released in English yet, so if you want to play them you'll either have to be able to read Japanese, or you'll have to play with a game guide telling you what the choices are in each scene.
Any sort of dating simulation game or love game can be submitted here, not just those originating in Japan.
Include sites about products that are primarily for entertainment or gaming, rather than education. Sites about simulations that are certified or approved by aviation authorities as training aids should be submitted to: Recreation/Aviation/Simulation or an appropriate subcategory.

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  • This category is for creation/building simulations. Games in this category are often portrayed in 3D isometric view and allow you to control aspects of the environment. In most cases these games do not allow direct control of the world inhabitants. Rather, the inhabitants or economy react to the player created environment.
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    This category is for games that simulate creating and/or maintaining a single life. Games in this category usually allow you to control aspects of one character and how it reacts to a simulated environment as opposed to God Games, which allows you to create an entire environment.
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    Contains games which are played online via a LAN or the Internet which have no single player element.
    Please only submit player fan sites and reviews about the PC game Enigma: Rising Tide.
    Contains sites whose main focus are to provide information, news, reviews, previews, articles, and fora about simulation games.
    Programming games are games where the actual playing is done by a computer program. The challenge is to write the program that controls the actions. The idea is that the better program wins.
    Riding Star is a fully interactive equestrian simulation. Players have the option to compete head to head against their friends or to compete against computer opponents in a grand prix season to be become world champion. Players must keep their horse well fed, well groomed and the stables clean in order to earn maximum points in each competition.
    Please submit sites only having to do with Virtual Sailor.
    Railroad simulation games. Railroad simulation allow to control a train in some way. Some will let you operate a train. Others will let you control the operations of a virtual railroad. You will find free, share ware, and commercial programs. You will also find add-ons to all of these types of programs. Fan sites for trail simulators will be found here as well.
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    Rollercoaster simulations from Disney Interactive.
    Simulated pets are adoptable virtual pets that require care, feeding, and continuing attention from their owners, just like real animals.
    Online games which include simulated horse showing, breeding and racing. Simulated games where you play the horse or take care of horses that have actual players should be entered in the "You Play the Horse" category.